The Pains of Re-entry

As I’ve made aware by the excessively sentimental posts on social media this past week about the end of my Ecuador semester creeping up, the dreaded moment has finally arrived: I have officially left Ecuador.

The dread lies deeper than being upset in the simple fact that I have to leave an incredible country that has so deeply captured my heart. Rather, it lies in the acknowledgement that this group of eclectic students and staff will never be fully reunited again on this earth. It lies in the fact that I now must face the realities of what I left behind in the States before this semester.

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The Problem with “Study Abroad”

It almost seems silly that I would write a blog post on what’s wrong with the idea of studying abroad when I’m doing just that at this time. However,¬†it’s important to challenge the decisions that we make and truly understand¬†why we decide to do things like studying abroad for a period of time.

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