The Pains of Re-entry

As I’ve made aware by the excessively sentimental posts on social media this past week about the end of my Ecuador semester creeping up, the dreaded moment has finally arrived: I have officially left Ecuador.

The dread lies deeper than being upset in the simple fact that I have to leave an incredible country that has so deeply captured my heart. Rather, it lies in the acknowledgement that this group of eclectic students and staff will never be fully reunited again on this earth. It lies in the fact that I now must face the realities of what I left behind in the States before this semester.

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It’s Okay to Not Know What’s Next

Over the last couple of years, I have consistently been asked these two questions: “why this major?” and “what do you plan to do with it in the future?” I then respond with an, “I’m not sure yet… still trying to figure it out,” knowing that my answer wasn’t satisfying to both the person asking and to myself.

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Antes De Salir

If there were two words to accurately convey the thoughts running through my mind now, it would be these: cold feet.

For those of you that don’t know, I will be departing for Quito, Ecuador tomorrow, where I will be studying Spanish, intercultural communication, and other various subjects for the duration of the fall semester. This program entails the exploration of the highest capital city in the world (Quito sits at almost 10,000 ft elevation), the Amazon jungle, the Galápagos Islands, among other extraordinary locations. I will be living with 19 other students from other universities across the country, staying in both apartments and home-stays.

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There and back again: Study abroad programs expand to New Zealand

For the first time ever, Azusa Pacific is introducing a summer study abroad option for communication studies and journalism students in New Zealand through a partnership with Christian nonprofit HCJB Global.

From May 16 to June 6, students will explore Auckland, among other destinations, through the partnership with HCJB’s Wandering Sheep Productions.

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Ready, set, action: Shire hosts Music Video Awards

Shire resident directors Adam Higginbotham and Cara Jones reveal the trophy to be awarded to the winners.

Shire resident directors Adam Higginbotham and Cara Jones reveal the trophy to be awarded to the winners.

Residents of the Shire Mods rose up in friendly competition as they gathered on Shire Lawn Sunday to watch the first annual Shire Music Video Awards.

Students dressed according to their individual courts’ themes and arrived at the makeshift red carpet event with excitement and anticipation to watch the final videos. Each court submitted to a panel of resident directors an original video of a popular song to view for the the yearlong title of “Best Music Video.” The second- and third-place winners chosen by popular vote of the residents.

The winner of this year’s Shire MVA’s was F Court with its rendition of Disney Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”. Residents celebrated as they received the golden trophy of an antique film recorder as well as a free pizza party for the entire court.

“This event [was] a great way for us to get familiar with each other, to have fun together, and to breathe a little bit of a sense of pride, for lack of a better word, in our own living area – to make it fun to live in F Court,” said junior international business major and F Court Resident Adviser Brian Jessup. “It really [was] a dandy old time filming a crazy music video together.”

Shire resident directors Adam Higginbotham and Cara Jones agreed the event was an opportunity for the Shire Mods residents to step outside their comfort zones and get to know people they may not have known before.

“We had this event early on in the year in the hope that it would give the courts a chance to get to know each other,” said Higginbotham, RD of Shire West. “It [gave] the residents a chance to find out the different strengths of people in their court.”

“Even though we were pretty close before the music video, this definitely made us even closer because we bonded over all of our weirdness,” sophomore economics major Christian Murakami said.