The Only Thing You SHOULD Be Doing in Your Twenties

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The Only Thing You SHOULD Be Doing in Your Twenties

I’ve read a thousand of these same articles and posts that have been circulating Facebook as of late: “20 Things You Need to Do Before You Turn 30“, “News Years Resolutions You SHOULD Be Making For 2014“, “Top 10 Things You Should Accomplish in Your Twenties“, “20 Things To Let Go of Before the New Year“, “What You SHOULD Be Doing Instead of Getting Engaged in Your Twenties“, blah blah BLAH.

While I may agree with some of them more than others, I more so believe that people should stop looking at lists and trying to fit the molds of other people’s standards and bullshit articles. Sure, some of them are somewhat entertaining and can also be “inspiring” but these writers, who have no idea who you are and where you’ve been, can in no way decide what you “

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Letter to a young journalist


By Caitlin Kelly

Inspired by a post on Small Dog Syndrome; a great anonymous letter from a nurse with 12 years’ experience to one studying for the exam to nursing school.

Here — H/T to Amber Hargroder — is a terrific 8:45 video of artist Marina Abramovic with her advice to young artists, much of which can equally apply to any ambitious writer.

The original is a series of letters between a young military student, Franz Kappus and the poet Rainer Maria Rilke between 1902 and 1908, when Kappus was deciding whether or not to become a poet.

I’ve been writing journalism and non-fiction books for a living since my third year of university, when I began selling stories to national newspapers and magazines in my native Canada. I’ve since written for dozens of publications in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, with staff reporting jobs at three major dailies. Freelance…

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25 Ways to Travel Cheap

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25 Ways to Travel CheapPeople always ask how I have the money to travel as much as I do. Well here are a few secrets, my friends! Hopefully you can learn from a few of my mistakes and benefit from some of my tips!

1.     The obvious way: travel on budget airlines. When I traveled around Southeast Asia, Air Asia, Jetstar and Tiger were insanely cheap – and I’m talking $65 flights from Bali to Phuket. I couldn’t express how much the phrase “you get what you pay for” applies to these, however, but they [usually] got us where we needed to go.

2.     TRIPADVISOR. TRIPADVISOR. TRIPADVISOR. We booked every single hotel after first reviewing them on This website is absolutely essential to get the best value. From splurging on a 5 star hotel in Bangkok (Oriental Residence – best hotel I’ve EVER stayed at) to…

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