About Jeena

Hi there. Welcome to my blog.


This is my happy face. And I am happy you are on my blog.

This is my attempt at documenting my thoughts, while also convincing you that I’m a good writer — or at least a decent one.

There are many things that I would rather be doing than writing this “About Jeena” section, most of which include napping, Netflix, or the great outdoors. But, alas, here I sit, writing the always dreaded, but ‘oh-so-necessary’ portion of this blog.


When I’m not being abhorrently lazy or wishing I traveling the world, you can find me content marketing by butt off at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation (they do amazing things for kids with cancer — check ’em out), hiking, or sipping on a glass (or bottle) of wine in my pajamas.

A few of my favorite things are hammocks, breakfast burritos, coffee, mugs, coffee in mugs, correct uses of grammar, couch corners, and oversized sweaters.

If you, too, take any interest in the aforementioned exploits, then perhaps this blog will amuse you.

I’ve named this blog Subtle Significance for a couple reasons:

  • I appreciate alliteration.
  • I didn’t find any other blogs with this title. So you know… #originality and all that good stuff.
  • It is particularly fitting to my life in this moment.

I know that because I’m young, my thoughts and opinions won’t always be respected. Sure, I have a degree and I am educated. But the biggest lesson that has come from that education is that sometimes nobody will give a shit about what I think.

And that is OK.

It may be that what I post here will mean nothing to you. This blog won’t move mountains, cause revolutions, or even be re-blogged by Buzzfeed.

Thoughts may not carry much weight, but I believe there is significance in putting those thoughts into words. And if those words end up impacting an audience, that makes all the difference.

In a loud world, it is often in the quiet moments that hold the most significant moments. They are small, intimate, subtle.

I hope my writing is subtly significant to you.

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