Meal zones a thing of the past

Kayla Landrum PHOTO Students can now get as much Mexicali as they want, without having to wait in between meal zones.

Kayla Landrum PHOTO
Students can now get as much Mexicali as they want, without having to wait in between meal zones.

Azusa Pacific University Hospitality Services announced that it has officially removed meal zones from the meal plan policy.

This has been a popular request of APU students over the last couple of years and Hospitality Services decided it was time to adopt the change.

“As we looked at it and re-evaluated it, it was a decision that we decided was positive and would be something that the students really wanted,” said Hospitality Services Business Manager Jonathan Teague.

Hospitality Services had created the meal zone policy as a way to ensure that students were not abusing a meal plan that was bought specifically for one person.

Complaints typically revolved around the issue that students said they were not able to eat more food than what was given in one meal. Furthermore, they added it was inconvenient to work around the various meal zones.

“It was just way too difficult to keep track of when meal zones began and ended,” sophomore nursing major Megan Telfer said. “It’s much more convenient now that we don’t have to worry about them.”

Hospitality Services officials said as they examined the situation and asked students what they wanted, meal plan abuse became less a concern to the office than it had been in the past.

“The freedom of spending [meals] more freely is more important than making sure that students’ meal plans weren’t being abused by other people,” Teague said.

According to Hospitality Services, APU can expect this to be a long-term change with primarily positive outcomes.

“It just gives every student that freedom,” Teague said. “They may only need to use it once or twice a semester, but we want to make available the freedom to be able to eat whenever students want.”

Junior marketing major and Hospitality Services marketing intern Kandice Quintana described the change as a relief for students with large appetites.

“The no meal zones will help those students who are always hungry,” Quintana said.

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